Discovering the wines from Latium

April 18, 2015 from to 17h00 to 19:00
NH Hotel du Grand Sablon
Rue Bodenbroek 2/4 1000 Bruxelles

Discovering the wines from Latium! · Il vino del Lazio: una (ri)scoperta!

In 1923 the Queen of England falls in love with Frascati wines and brings them back to the Royal Court… but Lazio quality wines were actually produced before Rome came into being. Extremely popular during the Roman Empire, they were rediscovered in the Middle Ages by Benedictine monks. They are much more than pleasant easy-drinking summer whites!

In the past, Lazio was mainly a supplier of such wines to the capital. Now it offers again to wine lovers many excellent wines from indigenous and international grapes. Time has come to give fair visibility to an area among those offering the best vine growing conditions in Enotria which, paradoxically is still very little known.

Why “best conditions”? For its hilly, volcanic and well-drained soils on the slopes of Apennine mountains that provide minerality to wines; for the significant difference of temperatures between day and night that brings freshness and aromas to grapes; for the sea winds giving hints of saltiness to the grapes grown in the coastal … And because it is cultivated by a growing number of passionate winemakers respectful of the terroirs, mastering advanced winemaking techniques and betting on the revival of ancient local varieties.

We think about the original and profound wines of Marco Carpineti who thirty years ago created a model winery based on organic farming and on indigenous varieties that had almost disappeared.

We look at Trappolini, in the upper Tiber Valley, who valorises the quality of Grechetto with its firm acidity and complexity, thanks to a careful selection of grapes that then remain sur lie for several months.

We like the intense and elegant Donnaluce, from the modern Poggio le Volpi winery, issued from slightly late-harvested local Malvasia Puntinata grapes passing through criomaceration and fermentation in big casks, and Casale della Ioria wines, conducting extensive studies on micro vinification of different clones of grapes “Cesanese” from their oldest vineyards.

And we are happy to turn to the Cooperative Cincinnato that produces among others, small amounts of one of the best Nero Buono di Cori, ancient grape variety grown on lava hills.

Come and taste:

White wines

  • M Carpineti Kius 2012 Brut Metodo Classico
  • Carpineti Moro 2013
  • Trappolini Brecceto 2012
  • Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce 2013

Red wines

  • Casale della Ioria Tenuta della Ioria 2013
  • Cincinnato Ercole 2011
  • Carpineti Apolide 2009
  • Trappolini Paterno 2010

The tasting will be held in English and Italian by two sommeliers graduated from the Italian Association of Sommelier-AIS.

The participation fees are 25,00 € per person.

Limited number of participants (30 persons), first come first served.

Massimo Serpieri
President  SOMMELITALY – Brussels Wine Society

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