Sommelier Courses

Some good reasons to enrol in our Sommelier course 

Whether you work in the wine industry or are passionate about fine drinking, taking our sommelier course is a life-changing experience that will expand your cultural capital. 

Wine is joy of life, culture and art! 

Our course is an experience worth discovering and experiencing. Learning to know, appreciate and love wine opens up: 

  1. New horizons: drinking better to live better! Knowing what is placed on the market allows one to make wise choices (value for money of a wine). Acquiring the expertise to assess whether a wine is of quality. Having the pleasure of proposing quality wines to attentive and knowledgeable friends;

  2. And also new job opportunities. The Sommelier is a professional who integrates sensory analysis with the presentation, service and pairing of wine with food. The Sommelier today must know how to “tell” (i.e., “communicate”) a wine. This professional figure finds a place in multiple business settings, not only in restaurants and wine shops, but also in wineries. 

It is a journey that stimulates your curiosity and pushes you to the continuous discovery of aromas and “terroirs” enclosed in a glass bottle. 

In addition, you will learn to appreciate and understand wine with other people interested in this world, in an environment that over the years has proven to be stimulating and motivating for all participants. 

With our course, which is divided into three levels, you will learn the technique of tasting and sensory analysis of wine, through an in-depth study of viticulture in Italy, Europe and the world.

In particular, in the first level, we study the origins of viticulture and enology, learn the tasting technique that puts us in touch with our senses to evaluate and “critique” wine. In addition, special attention is paid to the functions of the sommelier: from table service to training and cellar management.

The second level delves into the link between wine and territory. We will focus on the characteristics of each grape variety and on Italian, European and non-European wine production, deepening, at the same time, the sensory analysis of wine to grasp all the nuances of taste.

To arrive, in the third level, at learning the art of food and wine pairing, which analyzes all the olfactory and gustatory characteristics of both food and wine. At the end of the third level, there will be a written, oral and practical exam that will allow you to test your knowledge and acquired skills and become a sommelier with a certificate.

The values of Sommelitaly that we would like to convey through our courses and meetings are passion, curiosity, and a dash of resourcefulness in discovering Italian and world wines. Come aboard with us on this new adventure!