How to Become a Member?

The Sommelitaly-Brussels Wine Society is eager to open up to new members who enjoy conviviality and wish to share their passion for wine.

We advise people who are interested in joining us to make a first contact with the Association by writing to the email address .

Candidates who wish to become members are invited to participate in ant of our events to ensure that the activities and atmosphere of the Association correspond to their expectations.

If the prospective member shows a genuine interest in the Association, an email will be sent to him/her with detailed membership requirements.

If the candidate member is already familiar with the Association, he/she can fill in the following application form in Italian or French.

Applicants for full membership must be presented by two full members of the Association.

The Board of Directors will review the application and promptly communicate its decision to the applicant by email.

The candidate member becomes:

Associate member after paying an annual fee of 25 euros.
effective member after paying an annual fee of 50 euros.
Full and associate members enjoy and participate in the activities organised by the association in accordance with the Statute.