According to the winegrower Martin Foradori :“The excellence of each individual site is crucial in deciding whether to produce a single vineyard wine from the grapes grown there – a wine which best embodies the nature of the site”

Hofstätter vineyards are sited on slopes on both sides of the River Adige, embracing a wide range of soils and microclimates. On one side of the valley the vineyards are drenched in the morning sunlight, on the other they are favoured by the warm afternoon sun. At elevations ranging from 650 to 3,300 feet the temperatures and wind exposure vary enormously.

This vast range of growing conditions accounts for the fact that so many grape varieties feel at home here, including the native Gewürztraminer, Lagrein, Schiava, and the long-established red and white Burgundian varieties.

Soils also vary significantly in the Hofstätter vineyards: gravelly and sandy mixed with clay with a high calcium carbonate content, or of volcanic origin. Consequently each local and internationally acclaimed vine variety can grow in its ideal conditions, whether the demanding Gewürztraminer or the sensitive Pinot Noir – a rarity in this region.

The tasting was led in English by Massimo Billetto, sommelier AIS, wine tasting instructor and member of various tasting Commissions in Italy and worldwide.

             Les vins:

Pinot Nero Barthenau Sant’Urbano 2008, cépage: pinot noir 100%

Pinot Nero Barthenau Sant’Urbano 2009, cépage: pinot noir 100%

Pinot Nero Riserva Mazon 2009, cépage: pinot noir 100%

Pinot Bianco San Michele 2010, cépage: pinot blanc 100%

Gewürtraminer Kolbenhof 2010, cépage: gewürtraminer 100% 

Lieu: Restaurant Roma, Rue des Princes 12, 1000 Bruxelles