Sommelitaly – Brussels Wine Society is a non-profit association born in 2011 in Brussels, with the aim of sharing passion for Italian wine culture and promote quality wines worldwide.

Since 2011, we have been organising wine events, tasting sessions, interactive classes with professional sommeliers and wine lovers who wish to enjoy their enthusiasm for quality wine.

We have been running several training courses for sommeliers in partnership with FIS-Fondazione Italiana Sommelier-Bibenda and its professional sommeliers.

Our courses have allowed so far more than 130 persons to be awarded a sommelier diploma. Our courses are open to both Horeca professionals and wine lovers, and focus on viticulture, wine making, Italian and all key wine regions worldwide and food and wine pairing.

On top of this… we also hold exciting courses on cheese and extra-virgin olive oil!

Check out our numerous activities on wine and beyond!