Introductory Course to Wine

The Introductory Course to Wine, is held in English and led by professional Sommeliers from the Italian Foundation of Sommelier (Fondazione Italiana Sommelier), using a renowned methodology tested world-wide.

The course is a thoughtful conversation about wine, a dialogue “without secrets” to introduce you as protagonists in the fascinating world of wine. You will discover the food tasting technique and, above all, food and wine pairing, through the use of a graphics card and practical tests of taste of foods with wines of different types. It requires no previous wine knowledge, although a minimum wine-culture and experience base is strongly recommended.

The first edition of this course was held from  September to November 2013: five sessions (5 days for 3 hours), devoted to the following topics: viticulture, wine-making of sparkling, white, red and fortified wines, wine tasting techniques, and food & wine pairing.  Each session includes a wine tasting.