Hundreds of Grapes – Wine & Food Showcase

Curiosity and enthusiasm for the wines and food products perfectly mirrored our efforts and expectations!

We looked for a genuine happening where everybody, being a wine lover, a grower, a journalist or a hotel manager was able to enjoy excellent wines and food by sharing knowledge, interests and passion.

Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Cannonau, Glera, Friulano, Verdicchio, Ribolla, Corvina, Aglianico, and many many others…

More than four hundred indigenous grapes make Italy a special country for wine-lovers!

We tasted and discovered Italian Peninsula’s jewels at a special event focused on grape variety and excellence that ancient Enotria offers to wine connoisseurs and consumers worldwide!

Wines from more than 35 growers from different Italian regions were presented to participants within the exclusive ambiance of the NH Hotel du

Grand Sablon in Brussels.

Well-known and small producers, all selected against the criterion of the quality of their wines shared their experience, know-how and passion for wine. Stands also presented Italian food specialities olive oil, cheese, charcuterie and many others.

This showcase intended to expand business opportunities for growers and importers in Belgium and gave a chance to all attendees to live the culture of wine and gastronomic excellences through wine and food tasting.

Workshops led by sommeliers of the Italian Sommelier Association-AIS, focused on wine tasting techniques and comparative tasting of olive oil and cheese.


Amerighi S.; Antica Masseria Casa Rossa; Barraco; Bonaccorsi; Borc Dodòn–D.Montanar; Cantina arte; Cantina Belisario; Cantina Produttori Cormòns; Carpineti; Casale della Ioria; Cincinnato; Col di; Lamo; Conte; D. Podversic; E. Altare; Eleva; Fattoria La Lecciaia; Fattoria La Torre; Ferrari; Fietri; G. Montischi; Gamag; Graci; Hofstätter; Isola Augusta; L. Oddero; La Cadalora; La Ferriera; La Morandina; La Porta di Vertine; Le Ragnaie; Michele Chiarlo; N.Perrino; Negro A.; Nizza S.; Pever; S. Eurosia Spumanti; Salento Green Life; Serradenari; Skerk; Tiezzi; Trappolini; Veneri Vecchio; Vigneto Altura; Villa Giulia; Zuani

Venue: NH Hotel du Grand Sablon, Bodenbroekstraat 2, 1000 Brussel