Wine Courses

Interested in becoming a Sommelier and learn all the secrets that wine has to offer?

Brussels Wine Society – Sommelitaly  can help you. Since 2011 we organise professional qualification courses for Sommelier as well as thematic courses (see next tab).

Join the adventure!


“I attended the Sommelier Qualification Course organized by Sommelitaly in 2022 and greatly enjoyed the learning path and the human experience that resulted. The course gave me, in fact, not only the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of wine to learn to appreciate it even more, but also to create opportunities for dialogue with other enthusiasts and make new friendships in the “sign of the chalice.” Just the beginning of what is already a great passion.”

– Sergio

“The Sommelier qualification course organized by Sommelitaly is a comprehensive course that has given me the tools to understand wine at 360°. A journey through Italy, Europe and the world that, starting from the knowledge of the territory, the climate and the human factor of the wine regions, transforms the pleasure of drinking into a fascinating analysis that culminates in the search for the ideal pairing with food.”